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About Lisa
Lisa Kemmerer, professor of philosophy and religions at Montana State University Billings, is a philosopher-activist working on behalf of nonhuman animals, the environment, and disempowered human beings. Graduate of Reed, Harvard, and Glasgow University (Scotland), Kemmerer has written/edited nine books. 


“We are the ones who have the power to change our consumer habits.  We are the ones who either put our money down for their lives, or boycott animal products.”
     Introduction to Speaking Up for Animals

“[We] have extended ethics outward from self to family to community to all of humanity. We are now called to extend moral consideration to other species.”
     In Search of Consistency

“If we stand within one of the world's great religions, and if we have integrity in our religious commitments , we can and must reject anymal exploitation in all of its insidious forms.”
     Animals and World Religions

“If we are to honor their rights as individuals and save nonhuman primates from extinction, we must first know that they exist, that they are in danger, and that their survival is dependent on our choices.  We must understand how our actions threaten nonhuman primates – and we must alter our behavior .”

Introduction to Primate People

"Those who seek greater justice in our world need to work toward a deeper understanding of oppression. Activists need to develop the kind of understanding that will lead to a lifestyle—a way of being—that works against all oppressions."
     Introduction to Sister Species

"If we detest and try to prevent male control over our bodies—how can we turn away from these much more helpless, and much more cruelly exploited fellow females, let alone contribute to their suffering and premature death?”
     Introduction to Speaking Up for Animals