Sister Species

Women, Animals and Social Justice

Sister Species book cover

Sister Species

Women, Animals and Social Justice

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ISBN : 9780252078118
Publisher: University of Illinois Press (2011)

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the cover of Lisa Kemmerer's anthology Sister Species is a doozy. . . . It's an eye-grabbing, opinion-provoking cover, and a fairly accurate preparation for the content featured in Sister Species.


Anyone who desires to be a stronger, more confident advocate and to feel less alone, despairing, and frustrated in pursuit of justice for animals, anyone who cares about what animals are going through and about animals themselves. . . Sister Species is for you.

Karen Davis (founder of United Poultry Concerns) review of Sister Species posted on Amazon.

A collection of 10 compelling essays by a who's-who of accomplished activists, Sister Species offers insight and education through firsthand accounts. . . . The exceptionally inspiring and enlightening essays leave you longing for a sequel.


This is a book worth having on a personal and academic bookshelf to return to over and over again to remind ourselves that . . .human and non-human deserve and need our protection and respect.

Gender and Education

Prompt[s] us to recognize that attention to nature and animals should be at the forefront of any feminist agenda.


Forceful in its rhetoric, the book is also a delight. . . . The conversational style of the writing makes it a high-quality read.

Foreword Reviews

Kemmerer provides a space to embrace narrative and the unique experiences of women doing social justice work. . . . The growing discourse of ecofeminists and women animal advocates needs a larger library of texts like these.

Feminist Formations

Through their stories, [these] women establish that the suffering of animals is an important concern for human beings; that women's involvement in animal advocacy is consistent with other traditions of women's social advocacy, and that there are connections among forms of oppression and that these connections require that we include animals in our advocacy.

from the foreword by Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

“This book will change your way of thinking about animals who don't happen to be human.

The Book Garden Review

In the process of animal activism—rescuing animals and providing sanctuary, exposing the cruelties of factory farming and vivisection, and lobbying against factory farming and the illegal trade in wildlife—authors in Sister Species expose the many ways that our day-to-day actions might create and further oppression—all oppression. Through simple and engaging stories of women engaged with animal activism, this book explains the complex interconnections of speciesism, sexism, racism, and homophobia. In simple prose, Sister Species demonstrates why every woman ought to support animal activism, why every anymal activist ought be feminist, and why all social justice advocates ought to be vegan.

Lisa Kemmerer on Sister Species

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Introduction to Sister Species

Sister Species

Introduction by Lisa Kemmerer

this anthology began when I sent out a call for papers, asking women to write about their work in animal advocacy. I had long been aware that women were the heart and soul of the animal advocacy movement, and I was determined to create an anthology that honored at least a few of these courageous women.

I asked contributors to write about animal advocacy. I sought authors working in different types of activism, for different species, in a variety of capacities, in a handful of nations. I chose women from different ages, religions, socioeconomic groups, and continents. Each of these women sent an essay about animal activism and also discussed some other form of oppression that they were addressing alongside speciesism, whether sexism, racism, homophobia, or class stratification. Unexpectedly, I discovered that I had gathered a collection of essays demonstrating the many ways in which animal liberation is inextricably linked with other social justice causes.

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