Traveling Exhibit

Animals and World Religions

Jewish tradition banner

Banners in use at conference

Banners in use at conference

Created by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, author of Animals and World Religions

The Animals and World Religions traveling banner exhibit explores what eight world religions and a handful of indigenous traditions teach about ethics and anymals.

The banner exhibit provides an overview and conclusion before delving into ethics and philosophy, sacred stories, key terms, beloved saints, and at least one controversial practice.

Created by an internationally known scholar and author of Animals and World Religions, Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, the exhibit includes 10 magnificent double-sided pull-up banners (or 20 wall-hanging banners) that will fascinate people of all ages.

The exhibit displays some of the most beautiful teachings that religions offer—protect the vulnerable, respect life, be kind—including words from religious leaders like Gandhi, Mohammed, and Jesus, and exquisite passages from sacred texts like Genesis, the Dhammapada, and the Mahabharata. As it turns out, what religions teach about our relations with anymals is both simple and profound.

Banner Dimensions:

33 inches x 81 inches (other options possible)

Space (based on 33 x 81-inch banners):

1. About 64 square feet desirable for 10 double-sided pull-up banners (in a circle, curves, lines, etc.); less space can work.

2. Minimum of 55 feet of wall-space for 20 single-sided banners.

Purchase (four options, all with flexible display duration):

1. $800 deposit—We send images electronically. You print (about $800 for 33 x 81-inch vinyl, for example), display, and when the display closes, you ship the banners back to us. Deposit returned after we receive the banners.

2. $1000 plus $1000 deposit—We print; we ship; you pay postage to return the banners when the exhibit closes, at which time we refund your deposit.

3. $2000: We print; we ship. You own the banners.

In time, if people print, display, and return banners, we will have sets of banners available, free except for postage, for those lacking funds.

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