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Nearly all the articles can be accessed by clicking on them. I have quoted the publication for each if another means of access is preferred.

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Selected Articles written by Lisa:

•   “Multiculturalism, Indian Philosophy, and Conflicts over Cuisine .” Comparative Philosophical          Perspectives on Multiculturalism: Historical, Western, Eastern, and African Approaches. Ed. Luís          Cordeiro Rodrigues and Marko Simendic. Routledge, 2016.
    “Ethics and Eating Fishes.” Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy. Accepted.
 •    “Intersections: Theory and Activism in Animal Studies.” Special Issue. Journal of Critical Animal          Studies. Accepted. Forthcoming, 2016. Link to be added in 2016.
 •    "Defending the Defenseless: Speciesism, Animal Liberation, and Consistency in Applied         Ethics.  ”Les Ateliers de l'éthique/The Ethics Forum 9:3 (2015)

 •   “Ecofeminism: Women, Environment, Animals.” DEP: Deportate, Esuli, Profughe . Ca' Foscari         University of Venezia, Italy, 23 (2013)
 •  “The Great Unity:  Daoism, Nonhuman Animals, and Human Ethics.”  Journal of Critical Animal        Studies 7.2 (Oct. 2009): 68-83

 •   “Engaged Buddhism in Retreat' Revisited: A Reply to Barbara Newell's Response.”  Human         Architecture 7.3 (Summer 2009): 221-227.

   “Hindu Ethics and Nonhuman Animals.” Swadharam Journal 3 (April 2009): 32-45
 •   “Just War and Warrior Activists.” Green Theory and Praxis: a Journal of Ecological         Politics Dec/Jan 2009): 25-49.
 •   “Buddhist Ethics and Non-Human Animals.” Peace Studies Journal 1.1 (Fall 2008): 13-31
 •   “Christian Ethics and Nonhuman Animals.” Theandros: An Online Journal of Orthodox Christian          Theology and Philosophy 5.3 (Summer 2008). 
 •   “Buddhist Ethics: Compassion for All.” Bodhi Journal 5 (Fall 2007)
 •    “Jewish Ethics and Nonhuman Animals.” Journal of the Institute of Critical Animal Studies 5.2          (2007)
 •   “Broilers.” Satya. June/July 2006
  “Verbal Activism: ‘Anymals'.”  Society and Animals 14.1 (May 2006): 9-14
 •   Hunting Tradition: Treaties, Law, and Subsistence Killing.” Animal Liberation Philosophy          and Policy Journal 2.2 (Oct. 2004)